Iphone 4s displays activation required ev…

Since the IOS8.02 upgrade my phone constantly drops to lớn "Activation Required" lochồng and won"t activate over cellular connection (Vodafone UK). This means I"m stuffed until I can connect to lớn WiFi, when I enter the ID details and all is OK. Very annoying if I"m away from home!I"ve done a Recovery Mode restore through itunes but it"s still the same. The phone has never had any developer betas installed and, until the past couple of weeks, has operated all OK with earlier IOS versions. When activated all is fine with 8.02 too, until the next time it locks itself :-(

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iPhone 4S, iOS 8, 8.02

Posted on Oct 9, năm trước 1:19 AM

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pedro d
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Oct 10, năm trước 12:43 PM in response khổng lồ Duncan F In response khổng lồ Duncan F

Hello there, Duncan.

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Good job on the steps you"ve sầu performed while troubleshooting your issue on your own. The following Knowledge Base article provides a great checkdanh sách of steps và recommendations for the issue you"re having:

Get help activating your iPhone


If your carrier provided a SIM thẻ, make sure it"s in your iPhone. Try to lớn reach the activation server another way, then try to activate. Try connecting to a known-good Wi-Fi network if you can"t activate using a cellular data connection. Try connecting to iTunes if you can"t activate using Wi-Fi.

If you receive an alert message when you try khổng lồ activate your iPhone, place the iPhone in recovery mode và persize a restore. If you still can"t complete the thiết lập assistant due to an activation error, liên hệ millionarthur.mobi for assistance.

Thanks for reaching out khổng lồ millionarthur.mobi Support Communities.

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Oct 10, năm trước 12:43 PM

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Oct 11, 2014 2:05 AM in response khổng lồ pedro d In response to lớn pedro d

Thanks for your reply Pedro.

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I never had a problem activating the phone over WiFi, the problem was every few hours the activation loông xã kicked-in again và the phone became useless until I got trang chủ và lớn my WiFi once more.

Hopefully this is now resolved. I first tried a recovery mode restore (via iTunes) from backup, which was no different. I then did the same but this time setting it up as a new iphone, which looks lớn have sầu solved the problem. A lot of work though to restore all the apps, arrange groups, re-enter login credentials/preference setups for each one etc etc, just because millionarthur.mobi could not properly thử nghiệm an upgrade script