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Is it correct lớn say "I allowed my son go khổng lồ the movies" instead of "I allowed my son to go lớn the movies"?


As a rule of thumb, if a verb allows an object infinitive complement without to,then it"s very likely lớn be a short verb of Germanic origin.(Basically, these are the ones that have been around for long enough lớn get their edges worn off)

E.g, let, make, have sầu, go, come, see, hear, watch

A verb lượt thích allow, which comes from French, is excluded,even though it means the same thing as let.So allow requires the infinitive sầu complementizer towith an infinitive sầu complement, while let does not even allow it.

He allowed me to inspect the seal.

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*He allowed me inspect the seal.but*He let me to inspect the seal.He let me inspect the seal.

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*An asterisk * before an example sentence indicates that the sentence is ungrammatical.


The origin is from Old French alouer ("to grant"). It is here twice transitive for the recipient & the thing, but "to lớn go lớn ..." is considered as a whole, và you can"t suppress the first to.

It is still very common in French but written allouer: Une pension est allouée aux retraités. ("A benefit is granted to lớn retired people.")

The same word was used with the meaning "approve of."

It is still very comtháng in French but became louer: Il loue ces succès. ("He praises these achievements.")


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