Anh là ai justatee

After a long time waiting, Phuong Ly finally makes a comebaông xã to lớn Vpop 2019 with a beautiful music đoạn Clip (MV). On January 9th, Phuong Ly released a new tuy vậy titled “Anh là ai” (Who are you) lớn mark her comebaông xã after a long hiatus.

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After 7-days of release, the song reached over 7 million views và aao ước top 5 most-viewed videos on YouTube in Vietnam giới. (Source: Youtube)

It is a pop & R&B tuy vậy composed by Kien Tran và produced by JustaTee. Phuong Ly posted a chạy thử version of this tuy nhiên on her YouTube channel over one year ago. However, until now, her fans have a chance to lớn completely enjoy the whole song. In the teaser that she released two days before the official MV, Phuong Ly said sorry lớn her fans for making them to lớn wait for long time through a funny message at the over “ Xin lỗi … tương đối lâu” (Sorry … quite long time)

Phuong Ly’s nice apology message at the over of this MV

The MV lasts nearly 5 minutes, Phuong Ly and her team use the aspect ratio 16:9 once again, which is similar lớn “Mặt ttách của em” (My Sunshine), her previous song released one year ago. However, in comparison with Mat troi cua em, the MV “Anh la ai” was mostly shot outside và focused to lớn flatter her facial angles and emotional expressions.


Phuong Ly và her adorable facial expressions


The special thing is that there is no other guy appearing in this MV, Phuong Ly just does it on her own, including planting flowers, playing in room và wandering alone in the woods và on the prairie. This makes fans wonder who the guy is giving her flowers every day at 08:08 AM.

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Does “Anh là ai” liên kết lớn JustaTee’s “Thằng điên” (Crazy Man)?

As soon as the MV was launched, fans quickly recognized that there is a link between “Anh là ai” (ALA) and Justa Tee’s “Thằng điên” (TD) in which Phuong Ly is one of the main characters. On social truyền thông media, fans believe that “ALA” is the first part of “TD”. A user comments: “after watching this (Anh la ai) MV, I think that ALA is the first part of TD because of two details: the girl was given flowers và the short-hair girl at the over. At the opening of this đoạn Clip, the girl receives flowers every day from an important person, making her happy. However, after that, she is always disappointed deep in a musing state because this does not last long. At the opening of MV “TD”, there is a short hair girl who gives the crazy man flowers,and their love sầu – love of two crazy people started from that.

Guns Blazing in Binz & Phuong Ly"s Vpop MV "So Close" in Collab With Survival Battle Royale trò chơi Free Fire

Others argue that “It is definitely the second part of MV Thang Dien because in Thang Dien, the girl is taken khổng lồ a hospital and she leaves the crazy man alone. She surmised that she had a beautiful memory with someone, & she always asks herself “Who is he?”. This tuy nhiên is a message to a guy she loves but cannot remember who he is. “Who are you” – “Crazy man”.

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Phuong Ly in Justatee’s Thang Dien (Crazy Man) MV

In conclusion, no matter if “ALA” is the first or second part, it could become a big hit in the near future. ALA is a Vpop tuy nhiên that you must hear in the new year.