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He begins with the familiars of saints & tools but here they are supporting armatures not focal points.
Another group, primarily woven in 196869, consisted of large bold female figures whose arms và torso are circular in khung suspended on curved armatures.
Molding plate is also fabricated inkhổng lồ tubes & rings for insulation in armatures, motor starters, và transformers.
The supporting cobblestone formations bear inscriptions of various legends about the stars their armatures focus upon.
All the characters were made from moulded plasticine modelling clay on metal armatures, và filmed with stop motion clay animation.
Physique uses the biped armatures to lớn animate the actual character mesh, simulating how the mesh flexes and bulges with the movement of the underlying skeleton.
The motors had double armatures so there were four demi-motors which allowed three motor groupings: full series, series-parallel & full parallel.
Ultimately, the source of the energy dissipated in the dynamic braking grid is the motion of the locomotive sầu as imparted lớn the traction motor armatures.
The rolling wheels turn the motor armatures and when the motor fields are excited, the motors act as generators.
Magnets with the baông xã iron form the mover that moves inside the armature formed from conductors inside the slots and baông chồng iron.

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