​Strategy can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. It should connect the dots between how we define winning, the tough choices required khổng lồ differentiate ourselves from the competition, & how we enable this strategy as an organization.

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An era of unprecedented technological and societal change

​This era of disruptions is creating enormous competitive challenges & opportunities for companies in every industry. Many organizations are beginning lớn realize that current or previous successful approaches to running their business are unlikely lớn sustain their success in the future. We help companies evaluate their strategies, và we serve sầu as their advisor & guide through each step of their strategic journey.

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How millionarthur.mobi can help with your business unit strategy

​Our Monitor millionarthur.mobi Corporate và Business Unit Strategy professionals work with CEOs, CSOs, & business unit leaders to help their companies win in the marketplace. We support our clients" strategic journeys through a phối of services that revolve sầu around several key questions, including:

Is our current strategy delivering the results we need lớn be successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace?How can we rapidly và effectively translate our strategies inlớn actionable initiatives?What strategies can help us keep up with—and get ahead of—future market trends?Are there new or different businesses and business models we should be considering?How vì we kiến thiết a robust strategic planning process for future growth?How bởi vì we determine the types of innovations lớn pursue khổng lồ help us meet our goals for the future?

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Our approach is informed by four fundamental beliefs:

Companies should concentrate their efforts on bolder & more focused bets. When others tkết thúc toward timidity & inertia, the most successful companies make bold (but well-informed) moves lớn unloông xã new sources of growth.A successfully implemented strategy should be managed as a change journey. Great strategy moves beyond analysis into an immersive sầu journey where teams grtáo Apple with issues, integrate a range of diverse perspectives, and question their own myths. This process can be challenging, but it also can create the deep conviction people need if they are to lớn commit to a bold, new direction.

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Challenging orthodoxies is the hardest part of coming up with bold options. The place where organizations tkết thúc lớn struggle the most when identifying strategic options for their business is in envisioning strategic alternatives that are dramatically different than the status quo. Making this shift in mindphối typically requires looking outside of the organization for inspiration và insights.Pragmatism is key. Many strategy-setting efforts fail because they evolve inkhổng lồ an overly academic exercise of exploring unrealistic possibilities or get bogged down in analysis paralysis as strategy teams examine all possible new product categories, geographies, and customer segments they could potentially chase. A good strategy process needs khổng lồ be ruthlessly efficient, while simultaneously leaving room for exploration of the unknown.Back to top

Path to strategic excellence

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Your goals define your business unit strategy

​Strategic decisions cannot be made within a vacuum. Or, khổng lồ put it another way: Just because your company has a goal it wants lớn pursue doesn"t mean that goal is worth pursuing. Our strategy-setting process is a six-step journey rooted in the StrategyByDesign™ building blocks.

The fundamental truth about defining và setting your corporate strategy is this: You"re not likely to define a single strategy that will achieve sầu everything you want, which means you need lớn make hard choices and trade-offs khổng lồ achieve the things that are most important lớn your organization. In addition:

A strategy needs khổng lồ be clear about what the organization will and will not vị.A well-articulated strategy should serve as a guide for organizational decision making, portfolio investment, và capability building.Strategic decisions should be monitored lớn ensure ongoing value creation as organizations evolve in kích cỡ, shape, & structure, with major inflection points distinctly defined at specific points in the journey.

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Why millionarthur.mobi?

We help our clients balance pragmatism và ambition to define and implement the right strategic framework for their organizations. We help our clients answer the following questions: