Active living

We are excited to announce that Summer Camps registration is mix lớn open on June 10. Also, stay tuned to lớn the re-opening of all our Active Living programs and facilities for students, faculty, staff & public in the fall.

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Minds in Motion: Free At-trang chủ Activities Choose from a variety of STEM-inspired activities lớn get your kids excited about science.

Summer Camps We will be running summer camps in 2021! We are in the process of confirming our program offerings. Registration is currently phối khổng lồ open on June 10, 2021.


Virtual Fitness Classes Work out with our fitness instructors from the comfort of your home! We offer yoga, low impact circuits, spin, full toàn thân HIIT workouts, và more.


Tips for visiting Active sầu Living

Masks must be worn in comtháng areas of Read the mask policy here. Change rooms & locker rooms are not available. Exceptions are made for Aquatic Centre programs that may access the change rooms (showers are closed).Drop-in opportunities are not available. Bring your own water bottle – while you can fill your bottle, water fountains are not available.When you register for a program, we will supply you with new safety guidelines. Please nhận xét them carefully prior khổng lồ your visit.  

COVID-19 Membership Waiver

All participants must complete the COVID-19 waiver before registering for a program or a Fitness Centre time slot. Only students are able lớn access the Fitness Centre at this time.

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Follow the link to lớn select and access the appropriate waiver.

Note: This is not the daily questionnaire that students are required to lớn fill out for Fitness Centre access. That link will be e-mailed directly.

Active Living is part of the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. As one of the most diverse recreation providers based on a North American campus, Active Living combines campus recreation, health & wellness programs, youth & community programming.

We operate several recreation facilities on campus: Fitness Centre, Aquatic Centre, Gymnastics Centre, Racquet Centre, và the climbing and bouldering walls at the Outdoor Centre. We strive to lớn promote lifelong active living for all.