Definition of come in handy by merriam

To come in handy

Today’s expression is “to lớn come in handy.” In the first part of today’s episode, you heard that the premium economy seats include a footrest. I thought it was a gimmichồng. I thought, I don’t need a footrest to rest my feet. But when I wanted khổng lồ fall asleep, the footrest came in handy. I didn’t think it would come in handy—I didn’t think it would be useful—but it did.

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When you use “lớn come in handy,” you’re typically talking about something useful, but not essential. For example, I would not say that my microphone comes in handy for recording this program. No. The microphone is essential. It’s a basic, essential part of this activity. But I found a st& to hold my tablet, which includes the transcript. That shows the transcript at eye level, & I can use my hands lớn control the sound effects & gesticulate as I’m talking. The stand for my tablet comes in handy for recording the program.
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One of the most popular gifts at my company’s Christmas tiệc nhỏ was a Yeti thermos. In fact, I gave sầu JR a Yeti thermos for Christmas, since I was so inspired by that gift. These mugs can either keep hot beverages hot or cold beverages cold. They come in handy when you’re on a long car trip. They can come in handy on a trip khổng lồ the beach, to lớn keep your iced tea cold. That’s when they’re most useful. They come in handy on those occasions because they’re most useful then.

I have sầu an tiện ích on my phone from VidaLingua, và it’s a great Spanish-English dictionary. I don’t use it a whole lot, but it comes in handy when I need to use a technical word and I just forget what it is. The dictionary comes in handy then.

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You might have noticed that you always specify a time or a circumstance that applies khổng lồ “come in handy.” Let me give sầu you an example. This new hot plate comes in handy. Yeah? You’re waiting. It comes in handy…when? You need to lớn say when and why. This new hot plate comes in handy when I have sầu guests over and I need to lớn warm something up, but I don’t have sầu any more space in the oven. Oh, I see. That’s when that hot plate is useful.

I don’t love cooking with frozen vegetables. Especially broccoli. I lượt thích my broccoli fresh. But I have sầu started keeping some frozen peas and carrots in my freezer. It comes in handy when I have sầu a main course, lượt thích a piece of chicken, but no fresh veggies. See? You state what is useful, and you specify when and why it’s useful.

JR’s song of the week

For the song of the week, JR has selected “Unchained Melody,” most famously by the Righteous Brothers. The most popular version was released in 1965, an old, old tuy nhiên. But it was written ten years earlier for a little-known movie called, simply, “Unchained,” which is how it got its name. It wasn’t until the Righteous Brothers version, though, that it became a standard in jukeboxes và on the radio. The song became so popular that over 670 artists have recorded a version of this song.

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It’s funny how it started. The producers of the movie asked a music writer Alex North lớn write the music for the song, & he asked another writer Hy Zaret lớn write the lyrics. Originally, Zaret said he couldn’t write the lyrics to that song; he was too busy painting his house. But eventually, Alex North convinced him lớn write the lyrics, and it became one of the most famous songs of its time.

Could you imagine, you’re up on a ladder, painting your house, and someone asks you khổng lồ write the lyrics to the tuy vậy in a movie. And you say, no, I’m too busy painting to lớn write the music for movie.