Anarchemy {vietnamese}: the crypto SDK Platform-Tools is a component for the SDK.It includes tools that interface with the platform, such asadb,fastboot,và systrace. Thesetools are required for phầm mềm development. They're also needed if you wantlớn unloông chồng your device bootloader & flash it with a new system image.

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Although some new features in these tools are available only for recentversions of, the tools are backward compatible, so youneed only one version of the SDK Platform-Tools.


If you're an, you should get the latestSDK Platform-Tools from Studio's SDK Manager or from thesdkmanagercommand-line tool. This ensures the tools are saved lớn the right place withthe rest of your SDK tools and easily updated.

But if you want just these command-line tools, use the following links:

Download SDK Platform-Tools for Windows Download SDK Platform-Tools for Mac Download SDK Platform-Tools for Linux

Although these links do not change, they always point to lớn the most recent versionof the tools.


31.0.2 (April 2021)adbSupport forwarding khổng lồ vsoông chồng on linux.Fix bug in adb track-devices where devices over wireless debugging wouldn'timmediately receive sầu updates.Implement preliminary tư vấn for mDNS device discovery without a separatelyinstalled mDNS service. This is currently disabled by mặc định, and can beenabled by setting the environment variable ADB_MDNS_OPENSCREEN to 1 whenstarting the adb hệ thống.fastbootDon't fail when unable khổng lồ get boot partition kích thước.Derive sầu device locked state from property instead of parsing the kernelcomm& line.31.0.1 (March 2021)adbReduce TCP.. keepalive interval.Improve sầu incremental installation performance.fastbootAdd tư vấn for compressed snapshot merges.Restore legacy A/B tư vấn.31.0.0 (February 2021)adbDisable compression on pull by default.30.0.5 (November 2020)adbImprove performance of adb push when pushing many files over a high-latency connection.Improve adb push/pull performance on Windows.Fix adb push --sync with multiple inputs.Improve performance of incremental installation.Improve error handling for incremental installation.30.0.4 (July 2020)adbFix fallbaông chồng lớn non-incremental app installation on pre-millionarthur.mobi11 devices.Fix adb install-multi-package.Fix some more crashes related to lớn adb wireless pairing.Improve sầu some error messages.fastbootImprove console output on fastboot oem commands.Fix fastboot flashall on older devices such as Nexus (June 2020)adbFix installation of APKs signed with v4 signature scheme on pre-millionarthur.mobi11 devices.Fix crash when authenticating without ADB_VENDOR_KEYS.Fix crash when using adb -H.30.0.2 (June 2020)adbImprove sầu adb wireless pairing.Fix hang in adb logcat when run before a device is connected.Add adb transport-id khổng lồ allow scripts to lớn safely wait for a device lớn go away after root/unroot/reboot.30.0.1 (May 2020)adbDisable adb mdns auto-connection by default. This can be reenabled with the ADB_MDNS_AUTO_CONNECTenvironment variable.Improve sầu performance of adb install-multi on millionarthur.mobi10 or newer devices.Fix timeout when using adb root/unroot on a device connected over TCP..Update tư vấn for wireless pairing.30.0.0 (April 2020)adbImplement client-side support for compression of adb push, pull, syncwhen used with an millionarthur.mobi11 device.Improve performance of adb push on high-latency connections.Improve sầu push/pull performance on Windows.29.0.6 (February 2020)adb64-bit size/time tư vấn for adb ls when used with anmillionarthur.mobi11 device.Support listening on ::1 on POSIX.Client support for WinUSB devices that publish a WinUSB descriptor(required for millionarthur.mobi11) should no longer require a USBdriver lớn be installed.Fix hang when using adb install on something that isn't actually a tệp tin.29.0.5 (October 2019)adbSlight performance improvement on Linux when using many simultaneousconnections.Add --fastdeploy option to adb install, for incremental updates khổng lồ APKswhile developing.29.0.4 (September 2019)adb29.0.3 (September 2019)adbadb forward --danh mục works with multiple devices connected.Fix devices going offline on Windows.Improve adb install output và help text.Restore previous behavior of adb connect without specifying port.29.0.2 (July 2019)adbFixes a Windows heap integrity crash.fastbootAdds tư vấn for partition layout of upcoming devices.29.0.1 (June 2019)adbHotfix for Windows crashes ( (June 2019)adbadb reconnect performs a USB remix on Linux.On Linux, when connecting lớn a newer adb server, instead of killing thehệ thống & starting an older one, adb attempts khổng lồ launch the newerversion transparently.adb root waits for the device to reconnect after disconnecting.Previously, adb root; adb wait-for-device could mistakenly returnimmediately if adb wait-for-device started before adb noticed that thedevice had disconnected.fastbootDisables an error message that occurred when fastboot attempted toopen the touch bar or keyboard on macOS.28.0.2 (March 2019)adbFixes flakiness of adb shell port forwarding that leads lớn "Connectionreset by peer" error message.Fixes authentication via ADB_VENDOR_KEYS when reconnecting devices.Fixes authentication—when the private key used for authentication does notmatch the public key—by calculating the public key from the private key,instead of assuming that they match.

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fastbootAdds tư vấn for dynamic partitions.Updated Windows requirements28.0.1 (September 2018)adbAdd support for reconnection of TCPhường. connections. Upon disconnection, adbwill attempt to lớn reconnect for up lớn 60 seconds before abandoning a connection.Fix Unicode console output on Windows. (Thanks to lớn external contributorSpencer Low!)Fix a file descriptor double-cchiến bại that can occur, resulting in connectionsbeing closed when an adb connect happens simultaneously.Fix adb forward --danh sách when used with more than one device connected.fastbootIncrease comm& timeout lớn 30 seconds, khổng lồ better support some slowbootloader commands.28.0.0 (June 2018)adb:Add tư vấn for checksum-less operation with devices running P,which improves throughput by up khổng lồ 40%.Sort output of adb devices by connection type và device serial.Increase the socket listen backlog lớn allow for more simulataneous adbcommands.Improve sầu error output for adb connect.fastboot:Improve sầu output format, add a verbose output mode (-v).Clean up help output.Add sản phẩm.img và odm.img lớn the các mục of partitions flashed byfastboot flashall.Avoid bricking new devices when using a too-old version of fastboot byallowing factory image packages lớn require tư vấn for specific partitions.27.0.1 (December 2017)adb: fixes an assertion failure on MacOS thatoccurred when connecting devices using USB 3.0.Fastboot: On Windows, adds support for wiping devices that use F2FS(Flash-Friendly File System).27.0.0 (December 2017)Re-fixes the macOS 10.13 fastboot bug first fixed in 26.0.1, butre-introduced in (October 2017)Add fastboot support for Pixel 2 devices.26.0.1 (September 2017)26.0.0 (June 2017)Updated with the release of O final SDK (API màn chơi 26).25.0.5 (April 24, 2017)

Both adb --version và fastboot --version now include the install path.

Changed adb to lớn not resolve sầu localhost to work around misconfigured VPN.

Changed adb khổng lồ no longer reset USB devices on Linux, which could affectother attached USB devices.

25.0.4 (March 16, 2017)Added experimental libusb tư vấn lớn Linux và Mac adb

To use the libusb backover, set the environment variable ADB_LIBUSB=true beforelaunching a new adb server. The new adb host-features commvà will tell youwhether or not you're using libusb.

To restart adb with libusb & check that it worked, use adb kill-server;ADB_LIBUSB=1 adb start-server; adb host-features. The output should include"libusb".

In this release, the old non-libusb implementation remains the default.

Fixed Systrace comm& line capture on Mac

25.0.3 (December 16, 2016)Fixed fastboot bug causing Things devices lớn fail lớn flash25.0.2 (December 12, 2016)Updated with the N MR1 Stable release (API 25)25.0.1 (November 22, 2016)Updated with the release of N MR1 Pđánh giá 2 release (API 25)25.0.0 (October 19, 2016)Updated with the release of N MR1 Preview 1 release (API 25)24.0.4 (October 14, 2016)Updated to lớn address issues in ADB và Mac OS Sierra