How To Open An Ai File?

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This article explains what AI files are, how to open one, và how khổng lồ convert one to lớn a different format lượt thích SVG, JPG, PDF, PNG, etc. so that it"s compatible with other software.

What Is an AI File?

A file with the .AI tệp tin extension is most likely an Adobe Illustrator Artwork tệp tin created by Adobe"s vector graphics program called Illustrator. It"s a proprietary file format developed và maintained by Adobe Systems.

Instead of using bitmaps image information, AI files store the picture as paths that can be resized without losing chất lượng. The vector image is stored in either the PDF or EPS format but the AI file extension is used since the Adobe Illustrator program is the primary software that creates files in this format.


AIT files are similar but are Illustrator Template files used for making multiple, similarly designed AI files.

If your AI file isn"t an Adobe Illustrator Artwork file, it might instead be a Battlefield 2 Artificial Intelligence file. If so, it has nothing at all to lớn bởi vì with vector images but is instead a plain text document that holds the properties for how certain game elements work.

AI is also the common abbreviation for artificial intelligence, but it, of course, has nothing specific khổng lồ do with Adobe Illustrator.

How lớn mở cửa AI Files

Adobe Illustrator is the primary program used to both create và open AI files. Some other applications that can work with Adobe Illustrator Artwork files include Adobe"s Acrobat, Photocửa hàng và After Effects programs, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Canvas X, và Cinema 4 chiều.

If the file doesn"t have sầu PDF Content saved within it, & you"re using Photosiêu thị khổng lồ open it, you might get a message that says something lượt thích "This is an Adobe Illustrator tệp tin that was saved without PDF Content." If this happens, return to lớn Adobe Illustrator and make the tệp tin again, but this time choose the Create PDF Compatible File option.

Some không lấy phí AI openers include Inkscape, Scribus, ideaMK"s Ai Viewer, and sK1. So long as the file is saved with PDF compatibility, some others include Previews (the macOS PDF viewer) và Adobe Reader.

Battlefield 2 is used lớn open AI files associated with that game, but you probably can"t open the file manually from within the game. Instead, it probably resides somewhere special so that the software can refer lớn the AI tệp tin on an as-needed basis. That said, you can most likely edit it with a không tính tiền text editor.

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How lớn Convert an AI File

The AI openers from above sầu can convert an AI tệp tin lớn a number other similar formats. Use Illustrator"s File > Save As thực đơn to lớn save the AI tệp tin khổng lồ FXG, PDF, EPS, AIT, SVG or SVGZ, or File > Export if you want to convert AI to lớn DWG, DXF, BMP, EMF, SWF, JPG, PCT, PSD, PNG, TGA, TXT, TIF, or WMF.

Photocửa hàng lets you open an AI file through File > Open, after which you can save it khổng lồ PSD or any other file format supported by Photocửa hàng.

If you don"t want lớn buy or tải về a dedicated AI tệp tin viewer, you can still convert it with an online tool lượt thích Zamzar. With that trang web, the tệp tin can be converted khổng lồ JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, GIF, & a number of other formats.

More Information on the AI Format

Some programs can only open AI files that are older than a certain version. For example, the không tính tiền Inkscape program can import Adobe Illustrator 8.0 files và below only with UniConvertor installed.

The AI format used khổng lồ be called PGF but isn"t related khổng lồ the Progressive Graphics File format that uses the .PGF file extension.

Still Can't Open the File?

The .AI tệp tin extension is really short and contains two very common letters. This makes it easy to confuse it with other similarly spelled file extensions that have nothing to lớn do with either Adobe Illustrator or Battlefield 2.

AIRis one example, as is the INTUS Audio Archive format that uses the IAA tệp tin extension. Neither of these file formats has anything to vì with formats that use the AI file extension.

Another example is AIA; this one can be a little confusing. This tệp tin extension might be used for MIT App Inventor Source Code files used with MIT App Inventor or it might actually be an Adobe Illustrator Action file that"s used to lớn automate steps in Illustrator.

xuất hiện Adobe Illustrator, & select File > New lớn create a new project. Once you're finished creating, head to tệp tin File > Save sầu to save sầu your project as an .AI file.

Vector files lượt thích .AI files are most often used in graphic design in the context of graphics & biệu tượng công ty creation. Artists create graphics in Illustrator in the size of .AI files and then export them to lớn common filetypes like .PNG for actual use.