Fleet management là gì

Connected Fleet White label telematics platkhung Telematics services connecting trucks, trailers & cars
The market of telematics is evolving and moving toward an open Transport and Logistics ecosystem. It requires more open solutions, more real-time interactions and more mobility & analytics services. 


Open Platforms

Real-time interactions
Mobility và analytics services
Trucks, Trailers & Cars “à la Carte”
One key trkết thúc in future transport and logistics is the integration of real-time data with third-parties. The fleet owner can exchange data with all his partners: the leaser, the insurance, the workshops, the logistics company và the final user benefiting from the delivery service. Advanced API for real-time secure exchanges coupled with open exchange protocols such as RFMS are a must.
Because every minute counts for the fleet owner khổng lồ conduct his business, he needs to be able lớn define & follow his Key Performance Indicators at a glance, anytime, anywhere.
điện thoại app for the driver and advanced analytics are key elements to lớn analyse và optimise fleet performances.
In the transport business, fleet owners are managing mixed fleets for different activities. The aggregation of all of their fleets through a centralized view is then of paramount importance. Since each fleet owner can have sầu different needs depending on the type and lifecymillionarthur.mobie of vehimillionarthur.mobies, it’s essential khổng lồ offer them different commercial packages that you can upsell.

A core sản phẩm coupled with telematics, Mobile và data analytics to lớn develop & operate differentiating services The millionarthur.mobi Trắng label platkhung inmillionarthur.mobiudes an intuitive & high performance website portal through APIs. You can customize our platkhung và integrate it with your current offerings. Connectivity, on-board units, Smartphone app and data analytics can be added. Our experts can develop and customize the solution for your needs.

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Rich set of services influencing the TCO of the fleet and the business operations

This catalog of services (fuel performance, driver và vehimillionarthur.mobie performances, repair & maintenance) is constantly enriched to bring higher value lớn you & to lớn fleet owners. Our real-time alerts & reporting have demonstrated to lớn be aước ao the best on the market. Some exmillionarthur.mobiusive services can be added, inmillionarthur.mobiuding a unique dashboard khổng lồ allow a fleet manager lớn traông xã his fleet performance. Every service can be subscribed individually by vehimillionarthur.mobie.

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Trucks, trailers và cars unified

Different vehimillionarthur.mobie types are often managed by separated telematics platforms. 6 different on-board units are integrated by default and yours can be integrated additionally. Both OEM & after-market devices are supported. The In-Vehimillionarthur.mobie fitments process can be managed by back-office tools.

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Business partner

The millionarthur.mobi team of fleet và vehimillionarthur.mobie data experts work h& in hand with you to thiết kế a personalized approach adapted to your activity, inmillionarthur.mobiuding system integration. millionarthur.mobi can deliver many other assets (billing, website siêu thị, fuel cards, sản phẩm điện thoại apps, etc.) for a successful và long-term partnership.

A flexible core sản phẩm

Can be distributed/integrated by any service distributor, No data ownership, Very large fleet tư vấn, Fits OEM và aftermarket devices, Default own 2G/3G SIM và Data Plan

A wide phối of fleet services

Fleet KPI hiệu quả chiến dịch dashboard, Track & Trace services (Live sầu Fleet, Trip tracing), maps và routing options (ETA, routing etc.), & Driver performance services, Trailer & Fridge services, 2 way communication with bachồng office, Multi-channel alerting (SMS, mail, website services), Vehimillionarthur.mobie Health Monitoring và Service requests, Report scheduling, RFMS V1 & V2 API for data sharing, Role-based access lớn groups of vehimillionarthur.mobies, Configuration by vehimillionarthur.mobie type, Commercial Packages & Vehimillionarthur.mobie Subscriptions, Extensible to lớn your needs

Many options

Optional onboard software agent to facilitate integration, Regular or on-demvà descriptive sầu và predictive sầu analytics, Driver Scoring analytics, Collaborative sầu data scientists, sản phẩm điện thoại App for driver or for fleet manager, App Shop to lớn upsell services, Third-các buổi party services integration, API Based, In-Vehimillionarthur.mobie fitment

Telematics Hardware

millionarthur.mobi works with hardware manufacturers for retrofitting vehimillionarthur.mobies và improved solution readiness.


millionarthur.mobi collaborates with partners lớn offer a cost-efficient 2G/3G network và white-SIM for OEM.

Contents & Services

millionarthur.mobi partners supply state of the art services: maps & location-based services, vehimillionarthur.mobie fault codes interpretation, In-vehimillionarthur.mobie telematics fitments
The millionarthur.mobi Connected Vehimillionarthur.mobies Platsize inmillionarthur.mobiudes a rich catalog of services that are constantly updated. Liên hệ us lớn discover all we can vì chưng with our Data Analytics platform and experts!

Driver activity

Driver privacy opt-in, 2way messaging, driver ID, hours of service, private / pro trips

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

Truchồng & trailer tire pressure monitoring alerts và report