How to convert vni

How khổng lồ convert VnTime to lớn Time New Roman in Word & Excel will help you edit documents in Word, create tables in Excel with the most popular và professional VnTime fonts. Along refer to the phông conversion below.

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Word & Excel are two of the most commonly used office applications for everyday use page numbering in Word Or the way Draw a chart in Excel was too familiar. In case you feel that the old fonts is no longer suitable for your article or simply a faulty fonts, for example, you want khổng lồ convert VnTime lớn Time New Roman, this is quite a simple operation for most people. use Word và Exel. However, the way of converting fonts is still unfamiliar to lớn some users. This article Taimienphi introduces you how lớn convert VnTime fonts khổng lồ Time New Roman in Word and Excel 2003 or from Word, Excel 2007 & above sầu.

How lớn convert VnTime khổng lồ Time New Roman in Word & Excel

The conversion of fonts from VnTime to Time New Roman because there are quite a lot of users wondering after they converted PDF khổng lồ Word some documents written in VnTime fonts và encountered the phenomenon. font error cant read. Basically, VnTime fonts belongs to lớn TCVN3 charmix which is quite old, so it is very important lớn change Unicode phông with font families like Time New Roman. Convert PDF to lớn Word online Or by software.

Convert VnTime to lớn Time New Roman in Word and Excel

You can switch between fonts and charsets depending on the purpose, usually we have sầu the case of converting fonts from .Vntime lớn Time new Roman or other comtháng Unicode fonts. This article applies to lớn Word, Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 by using only Vietnamese typing software Unikey lớn convert fonts from .Vntime lớn Time New Roman.


* Unikey Vietnamese typing software. Download và install Unikey.

* Text khổng lồ be converted.

Step 1: Select text, paragraph.

You highlight the whole text by pressing key combination Ctrl + A then press Ctrl + C lớn Copy or Ctrl + X to cut.


Step 2: Turn on Unikey Toolkit

You turn on Unikey Toolkit by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F6 or right clichồng on the selected Unikey icon Tools..

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, however, you should press the key combination will save sầu more time.


Step 3: Set up Unikey Toolkit

When the dialog box Unikey Toolkit opens you choose the Source Table is: TCVN3 (ABC) & the encoding is Unicode (first). Then tiông chồng Transcoding clipboard (2)


Attention: You must kiểm tra the Clipboard Transcoding option box lớn convert .VnTime khổng lồ Time New Roman phông without errors or other problems.

Then press Transcode (3)

Notice of successful encoding


Step 4: Go bachồng to lớn the text you just pasted in and copy it.

After successful transcoding you return lớn the text you just got Copy or Cut them, continue you paste the text in it, then highlight them then select the phông Times New Roman clichồng Enter to lớn see the result.


And here is the result after converting VnTime font to lớn Time New Roman lớn fix fonts errors. Please follow step-by-step order lớn avoid fonts errors when changing VnTime to lớn Time New Roman.

Attention:* In case you after converting PDF to Word and encounter fonts errors due lớn fonts incompatibility between VnTime (TCVN3) and Unicode fonts. First of all, you still need khổng lồ download the PDF file to your computer, then convert the PDF lớn Word & perkhung the conversion as in the above article.* After converting PDF khổng lồ Word and converting VnTime lớn Time New Roman will still have some words that are misspelled, follow the instructions. Search and replace words in Word has been introduced by to lớn thoroughly solve sầu all spelling errors.

When using Word và Excel, you have sầu a font error that results in a corrupted printout, probably because your computer lacks the necessary fonts. If you encounter the case of missing fonts, you can tải về VnTime font about the computer and then proceed to install the fonts for the computer.

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Thus, has instructed you lớn complete how khổng lồ convert VnTime khổng lồ Time New Roman in Word và Excel. In addition, you should also read more ways cancel the print job in Word and Excel When a font error is detected when printing.