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a border between two countries, or (esp. in the past in the US) a border between developed lvà where white people live & l& where Indians live sầu or lvà that is wild:
However, this particular frontier has been well mined, & large parts of this book tread well-worn paths.
Technical inefficiency is the deviation of an individual vessel"s production from this best-practice frontier, và hence is a measure of relative technical efficiency.
Violation of this assumption will also affect the production frontier if the counties that define the frontier do not have sầu sufficient standing timber.
The book provides no glimpse of the presence of any entity other than small farmers in the frontier.
The toàn thân had its "defensive sầu forces" (wei qi) lớn guard its frontiers; those forces were bound khổng lồ fail, though, when weakened by corruption from within.
The most recent paper <5> demonstrates that the acceleration of electrons can be at the high energy frontier <5, 6>.
The east has a longer history of settlement và is more urbanized than the west, which is somewhat of a frontier zone.
In a society gifted at generalisation, endowed with powerful ^ centralizing strategies, the historian moves in the direction of the frontiers of great regions already exploited.
This frontier will not result from a few counties which may have sầu abnormally high output for their given input endowments.
Secondly, the frontier method is carried out mainly on the semantic domains of a program; the method pays little attention to the program text itself.
Once land conservation policies meet the agricultural frontier, they have two opposing effects on the economy"s aggregate rents.
That"s exactly why those who are working at the frontier of the subject should know some history of economic thought.
Evidently, the events across the border were reviving dormant resentments throughout the western frontier lands.
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Các trường đoản cú thường được thực hiện cùng rất frontier.

Development of a frontier region where all the lvà is initially in the public domain has often been encourged through the granting of private lvà titles.
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