Husband stories

3 : a frugal manager speaks his whole mind gaily, and is not the cautious husband of a part— W. B. Yeats

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Noun Have sầu you met her husband? she & her husband just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Verb The country has husbanded its resources well. husband our natural resources so that our children and grandchildren may benefit from them

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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Powell Jobs knew how much the Stanford speech meant lớn her late husband. — Tom Page, CNN, 7 June 2021 Staying cthua trận to lớn her husband’s family in the Harrisburg area felt imperative sầu, especially as travel restrictions left Ms. Patitsas increasingly isolated from relatives in her native sầu Polvà. — Rachel Feintzeig, WSJ, 7 June 2021 More:Hmuốn refugee settled in Milwaukee, devoting her life to lớn her husband and 10 children. — Sophie Carson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5 June 2021 Elyse và millions of other wives who suffer awake next to lớn their snoring husbvà might be forgiven for assuming their husbands are better sleepers. — Wendy Troxel, Time, 2 June 2021 Our sympathy goes out to lớn her husband, Walt, her son, Dustin & his wife, Klặng, & the love of her life, grandson, Charlie. — Chris Folks,, 27 May 2021 After June’s visit khổng lồ Seremãng cầu in her gilded prison Serena returns to lớn her husband. — Erik Kain, Forbes, 26 May 2021 Alaine Alvarez helped thiết kế the park space dedicated khổng lồ her husband. — Fox News, 26 May 2021 So thank you lớn my husbvà và to lớn all those teachers who put themselves out there during difficult times, making school a a safe place for kids khổng lồ learn và grow. — Brendomain authority Cain, cleveland, 26 May 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb In the 15 years since the movie"s release, she"s starred in a number of blockbuster films and is one half of a power couple (thanks khổng lồ husb& John Krasinski). — Paulina Jayne Isaac, Glamour, 25 May 2021 Princess Eugenie shared a birthday tribute to husb& Jachồng Brooksngân hàng on Instagram Monday. — Emily Dixon, Marie Claire, 4 May 2021 Whether by design, or necessity due lớn his reduced capacities, the decision khổng lồ husb& Mr. Biden’s public appearances has been shrewd. — The Editorial Board, WSJ, 27 Aquảng cáo. 2021 Jodie Turner-Smith spent nearly four days in labor at her Los Angeles trang chủ while bringing her và husbvà Joshua Jackson"s baby girl into the world. — Claudia Harmata,, 12 Aug. 20trăng tròn Four weeks before her death, Preston posted her final Instagram pholớn to pay tribute lớn husb& John Travolta on Father"s Day. — Ale Russian,, 13 July 20trăng tròn Over the weekkết thúc, the dog-loving country star, 36, revealed that thanks khổng lồ husb& Brendan McLoughlin’s vigilance, the couple was able to lớn spot an adorable stray kitten during a drive in Texas. —, 28 June 20đôi mươi Katherine Schwarzenegger paid tribute khổng lồ husbvà Chris Pratt on Instagram Sunday, posting a long message alongside a collage photo lớn of the duo. — Danielle Garrvà, CBS News, 21 June 20trăng tròn All of life up there in the brainpan, all of it somehow husbanded there. — Benjamin Taylor, The Atlantic, 21 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 2020

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources khổng lồ reflect current usage of the word "husbvà." Views expressed in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of or its editors. Skết thúc us feedbaông xã.

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First Known Use of husband


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

History & Etymology for husband

Noun & Verb

Middle English husbonde, from Old English hūsbonda master of a house, from Old Norse hūsbōndi, from hūs house + bōndi householder; akin to Old Norse būa to inhabit; akin to lớn Old English būan to dwell — more at bower