Noted With Thanks

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tharPosted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 6:03:05 AM
This is a formal phrase.1 is good (I would put in a comma, but I don't know if that is standard2 is too informal & 3 is too sharp & abrupt. So neither 2 or 3 work.You should look this one up in a business communication phrase các mục if you don't get a definitive answer here , because it is a formal fixed phrase.Although, cone to lớn think of it, 'noted' is not so comtháng.

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foolofgracePosted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 9:49:23 AM
I think it depends on what the speaker means. If the trùm tells the worker that the worker cannot bởi vì something he wants lớn, the worker might reply "Noted. Thanks." or "Noted, thanks.", which gives the impression that the worker will vì chưng as he's told but is not happy about it. Personally this sounds more comtháng to me than "Noted with thanks" but maybe that's just my American ear.
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Drag0nspeakerPosted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 4:09:03 PM
I've sầu never heard any native speaker say any of these.As a quiông xã e-mail reply when someone has sent data/information which one needs, one could use any of them.I agree with thar - when I read them out, I pause after the word 'noted'.Therefore a comma is needed.Noted, with thanks. Noted, thanks.Noted. Thanks. ************I would not use it as an aggressive sầu, disagreeing acknowledgement of an order (as foolofgrace describes) - it sounds too snide và nasty (a bit lượt thích the use of "I heard you" to lớn shut someone up, meaning "I heard what you said & disagree totally.")
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coagPosted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 2:45:56 AM
I don't lượt thích "Noted, thanks" (whichever way punctuated). It's a weasel expression to me."Noted, thanks" acknowledges the receipt of information, that's fine. But, when I read "Noted, thanks", I also have sầu a slight impression that the person who received the information will (seriously) consider the information and as a result will take some actions. My problem is potential abuse of language. The writer may convey a false impression that he is going to take some actions but he is not liable to lớn vì chưng anything. He can completely disregard the information he received, since "Noted, thanks" can be interpreted as a bare acknowledgment of the receipt of information.If I just acknowledge the receipt of information I simply say: "Thanks for your information."If I intover to take actions, I say it explicitly: "Thanks for your information. I will work on this issue next week."One of the reasons that I am allergic to lớn "Noted, thanks" is the management where I work. Those people love this expression. "Noted, thanks" in their replies is often a sign that your message has been disregarded. Sometimes they simply don't trả lời to your messages, sometimes you get "Noted, thanks". You don't know what's worse.

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