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intermediate activities or decisions happen during a process, rather than at the beginning or over of it:
Fed officials warned that there were many intermediate issues lớn be dealt with before making definitive sầu changes to their economic forecast.
Only 14% of British workers had intermediate level vocational qualifications, compared with 46% in Germany.
Using a microscope, cells at an intermediate reprogramming stage can be identified in magenta in the image.
Loon is a great fit for an intermediate skier looking for long trails winding their way down the mountain.
It"s especially targeted khổng lồ beginning & intermediate birders, providing tips on recognizing birds & getting started in birding.
Chemical reactions within the cell produce intermediate and kết thúc products in the khung of small molecules called metabolites.
However, it should be noted that our proposed Mã Sản Phẩm is a mesoscale Mã Sản Phẩm, which is an intermediate scale.
The introduction of "supersizes" has turned "large" inlớn an intermediate option, increasing our willingness khổng lồ purchase more.
The claims of intermediate forms are largely unique specimens that are probably their own species but you find nothing that is a major transitional form.
Then, in the 1950s, a group of researchers managed khổng lồ identify pentazole as an intermediate for another reaction.
Last year, the average intermediate-term bond fund returned 3.2 percent, but only after a 2.5 percent loss in the fourth quarter trimmed returns.
We want lớn find intermediate-mass blachồng holes because they are the missing link between stellar-mass & supermassive blaông xã holes.
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