How to play pubg mobile on pc with fps boost

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games around the globe. However it is a heavy game that needs a high-kết thúc device khổng lồ play. Also, it would be a little bit challenging lớn handle the gameplay through touch control. All these will prsự kiện you from experiencing the fun of PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại.

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Though, there is another way to lớn play this well-acclaimed Smartphone game in high performance. Running PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại on PC with Android emulator would be a good alternative. A computer or a laptop with average or slightly under-average configuration is good enough for to play PUBG Mobile at 60 FPS.


What is Android Emulator is a không tính tiền Android emulator that simulates an Android operating system on your Windows PC. It can help you experience mobile games/apps on PC. Thanks khổng lồ years of development, is a mature và trustworthy Smartphone game helper which runs smoothly & stably. As one of the best Android emulators for PUBG thiết bị di động on PC, provides the highest optimized settings và performance.

Howto lớn Play PUBG Mobileon PC

The following will teach you how to play PUBG Smartphone on PC with

Step 1: Download on your desktop


Step 2: xuất hiện và tìm kiếm PUBG mobile on the ứng dụng store


Step 3: Install PUBG thiết bị di động on your emulator


Step 4: Enjoy playing PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại on PC with


How lớn Boost PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại PC Gameplay to 60 FPS


1: Optimize the emulator settings for PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại PC

Since PUBG di động is a high demanding game, some players reported that they experienced issues of time lag & fps drop from time to time when they run PUBG điện thoại on first thing you need to lớn vì chưng is khổng lồ change some settings in, which will power up your emulator to lớn the best. You can check the step-by-step instructions below.

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Step 1: SetCPUandRAMkhổng lồ the highest coresandmemoriesrespectively


Step 2: Select “High FPS for PUBG Mobile” khổng lồ changethe manufacturerandmodel


Step 3: Changethe resolution ofPUBG MOBILEtothe best you can


Step 4: Select 2K Default or 2K RClick Aimin the Keyboard mapping accordingly


2. Adjust in-game settings for PUBG Mobile

After you enter the game of PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại, open the in-game settings by clicking the small gear inhỏ on the lower right bottom.

Step 1: Go to the Graphics tab

Step 2: Select Smooth graphics

Step 3: Select Extreme frame rate


Step 4: Disable Anti-aliasing


Step 5: Disable Auto-adjust graphics


3: Make use of GFX tool (optional)

GFX tool, also known as(Previously Graphic Tool for Battlegrounds), is a useful tool which allows you lớn unlockFull HDgraphics, 60 FPS & other graphics settings forPUBG Mobile. It is available on Play Store and LD Store.

Note: normally the performance of PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại would be instantly improved by choosing the optimized settings in But GFX is a professional tool designed for maximize graphics performance of PUBG thiết bị di động. Therefore, you can also download one lớn see how it works on your computer.Below are step-by-step instructions of installing và running GFX tool with

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Step-1: xuất hiện

Step-2: Search GFX Tool on

Step-3: Cliông chồng the “install” ibé to tải về GFX tool

Step-4: Follow the instructions and finish the installation

Step-5: Once installation completes, run the ứng dụng from homescreen

Step-6: Launch the Appandgrantall the required permission

Step-7: Configure the settings for GFX Tool:

Select version as0.8.0 (GP)

Set the resolution a bit lower than your default resolution

SetGraphicstoSo Smooth


Style toClassic


Hit theAcceptbutton below, and tap on launch to lớn run PUBG di động game



To have a good gaming experience of PUBG điện thoại PC, you can simply download & mix the best optimized settings to boost the performance. It’s also recommended to use 4 to lớn get the smoothest gameplay.