Before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made its official release, the game was operating for months in its early access & beta stages. During that time, the game got its record-breaking popularity. However, with that massive fan-following, came numerous reports in connection with the PUBG network lag detected issue which took the community by storm.

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PUBG Network Lag Detected Error

Though bugs and errors are looked down upon in the gaming community, since PUBG was in its beta stages, it provided the developers with the feedbaông chồng they needed to lớn fix the game completely. That being said, the game is now officially out, & yet reports related khổng lồ the PUBG network lag have sầu stayed around. This includes the pesky PUBG Network Lag Detected error.


Nonetheless, Bluehole Studios is hard at work, keeping the PUBG community abreast with updates as soon as possible. However, these updates might take some time before they get released for the game’s official live sầu servers. Hence, for the time being, I have taken the time out to bring you with some workarounds which might just fix the PUBG network lag for you.

PUBG Network Lag Workarounds

The internet is filled khổng lồ the brim with bug reports and their possible fixes, but who has the time to go through them all? For this reason, our technical team has compiled a danh mục of all the best workarounds related to lớn the PUBG network lag detected issue, you can find right now.

So, let’s begin.

1. Lost Connection lớn Server

There are times when you are playing PUBG, and you randomly are disconnected from the hệ thống or are prevented from doing anything in the game. Though there can be many reasons for this, the most comtháng one is linked to lớn the Windows Firewall and/or Windows Updates.

You can permanently turn off the Windows Firewall but that is hardly the fix as leaving your firewall off is not recommended. But don’t worry as we have a fix for that too, which will only let PUBG get through your firewall. This fix will prsự kiện you from disconnecting from the VPS midway through the game. For more information on this fix, kiểm tra out the PUBG firewall fix guide.

2. Failed to Initialize Steam

There are many reports that highlight the problem regarding Failed khổng lồ Initialize Steam error in PUBG. Currently, no one has figured out a permanent fix for this, but reports suggest changing the compatibility of the game’s core startup files, fixes this issue. To vì chưng so, you must follow the steps below:

Search for TslGame_BE.exe cộ in the game’s directoryRight-cliông xã on the tệp tin và select PropertiesNavigate khổng lồ compatibility and tichồng off the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” optionSelect Windows Vista và cliông xã on ApplyStart the game & enjoy

3. PUBG Gameplay Lag and Spikes

There are times you might come across random in-game spikes or lag. This is due lớn the game not being perfectly optimized. But since the developers are working on this, a fix might be coming your way soon. Till then I will recommover you khổng lồ verify your game’s files for any abnormalities. To vày this, follow the steps below:

mở cửa SteamNavigate to your Library and right-cliông chồng on PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsSelect Properties, click on Local Files và then “Verify Integrity of trò chơi Files”


Furthermore, there a few other fixes you can apply to temporary bypass the PUBG lag and spikes. For more information on these general fixes, check out the menu below:

Keep Windows up-to-dateUpdate all driversUpdate NVIDIA and AMD DriversUpdate/Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015Run PUBG as AdminPut PUBG in “High Priority” from the Task ManagerChechồng VPN settingsRun game on lower settings & resolutionRestrict background applicationsDisable Windows Defender (temporarily)Disable Firewall (temporarily)Cheông chồng Anti-virut setting

4. Optimized Router Settings

Those of you who are playing PUBG on a Wi-Fi network might have lớn optimize their routers. Though we don’t recommend playing online Clip games on a wireless network, there are still players who like playing on the go. So, if you are facing lag & are playing on a wireless network, you might have to lớn change a few settings for your router.

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Furthermore, since all routers are different, there isn’t a universal fix. Consequently, you will have sầu lớn visit the official trang web of the router that you own và see how you can enable UPnP port forwarding.

5. PUBG Ports / Connection Issue

Due to the huge popularity of PUBG, at times the game’s servers are overcrowded with players which results in connection loss and lag spikes. However, there are a few tricks you can use khổng lồ solve sầu this issue. One of the most popular tricks is to lớn switch the ports. To bởi so, try using the following commands in PUBG’s comm& prompt.

ipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewnetsh winsochồng remix catalognetsh int ip remix remix.log

6. PUBG Network Connection Failed

There are tons of reports that highlight the fact that players are still coming across network connection errors. Well, you can try out the workarounds mentioned above. However, if you are still facing PUBG lag then you might have to lớn use a trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, as the servers – you want to lớn connect lớn – might be faulty. Hence, if you wish lớn play PUBG smoothly, I will advise you to lớn switch lớn a reliable VPN.

But before you indulge yourself in tìm kiếm for possible VPN, I will highly recommover you to give sầu Kill Ping a try. It is designed especially for gamers. So, for server optimization and lag reduction, Kill Ping might be the software you have been looking for all this time.

Kill Ping: The Last Resort

Kill Ping is the perfect software for all of your PUBG network lag related issues which include the fix for the network lag detected error. It does this by allowing games to connect through its dedicated servers which are specially designed for improving your game’s ping. Furthermore, Kill Ping also đơn hàng with other PUBG network lag related problems which include rubberbanding or delays.


Consequently, with Kill Ping in place và the PUBG network lag detected error out of your way, you might just be able to lớn play the game without any trouble. For more information regarding Kill Ping, check out the official website.

This is it for all. However, stay tuned as I will bring you with a lot more workarounds in the coming days. For the time being, kiểm tra out the official Bluehole Studios’ Known Issues diễn đàn page & see what fixes, the developers are working on.

Till a fix comes your way, why not give a minute of your time và let me know what vị you think of the workarounds mentioned above sầu. Did they fix the issue you were coming across?