"send it to you" v

In corporate organizations, I have seen people using both but am pretty much confused with these.

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I was thinking skết thúc you is right only in a context lượt thích this:

I will send you to lớn my friend"s company tomorrow.

Any suggestions please?



Both are correct as the verb "send" can take one "direct object" or two "indirect and dicrect objects". –user140086 Nov 3 "15 at 4:42
Both versions are perfectly fine.

In the case of

I will sover you an email.

"you" is an indirect object. It is understood that the subject is not sending "you", but rather sending the gmail.

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Personally the first version,

I will skết thúc an tin nhắn lớn you.

sounds a little stilted.

In conversational millionarthur.mobi, you would probably use tin nhắn as a verb.

I will gmail you.


+1 - I'd describe these as formal và informal versions of the same statement. –user121341 Nov 3 "15 at 20:43

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