Set aside nghĩa là gì

phối aside

1. Literally, khổng lồ put something to lớn the side or out of the way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "set" & "aside." Would you mind setting those books aside so I can clean the desk? Please set your phone aside while I"m talking lớn you!2. To temporarily stop focusing on or paying attention to something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "set" & "aside." Set the financial aspects aside for a moment and focus on what kind of work would make you the happiest. Can you two just set aside your differences for now and get this done, please?3. To reserve or save sầu something for someone or for a later use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "set" and "aside." I can phối the dress aside for you, if you"d lượt thích to think about it for a day. I recommkết thúc you mix aside your bonus as a rainy-day fund for the future.4. To ignore, abandon, or disthẻ someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "set" and "aside." It just feels lượt thích Sarah always sets me aside for her work. He mix aside his family và friends, cutting himself off from everyone who cared about hyên. She"s a good woman, Clarence. Don"t mix her aside, or you"ll live sầu to regret it.5. To overturn or nullify something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "set" và "aside." The judge phối aside the previous ruling and called for a new trial. The committee reserves the right khổng lồ set decisions like these aside if it considers the evidence compelling enough to lớn bởi vì so.See also: aside, set

mix something aside (for someone or something)

khổng lồ reserve something for someone or some purpose. I will mix a piece of cake aside for you. Liz set aside some cake for Karen.See also: aside, set

set something aside

to place something in a place that is khổng lồ one side or out of the way. Betty set the manuscript aside until she had more time lớn work on it. Liz mix aside her book for a while.See also: aside, set

set aside

1. Separate and reserve for a special purpose, as in We have sầu lớn mix aside some chairs for latecomers. Also see mix by. 2. Disthẻ or reject, as in Setting aside all health considerations, do you believe this law is fair to smokers? 3. Declare invalid, annul, or overrule, as in The higher court mix aside the conviction. Also see lay aside. See also: aside, set

mix aside


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1. To separate & reserve sầu something for a special purpose: We phối aside some time lớn discuss the new project. The developer phối two acres aside for a park.

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2. To discard or reject something: He mix aside his concerns và allowed his child khổng lồ go on the field trip. She mix her fears aside và continued down the dark trail.

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3. To declare something invalid; annul or overrule something: The judge mix aside a lower court ruling. The appellate court mix the conviction aside, and the prisoner was released.See also: aside, setSee also:

mix aside

1.keep or choose(money or time) for some purpose 特意留出(钱或时间)The busy executive set a weekend aside for a small trip with his family.这位繁忙的官员腾出一个周末和家人一起作了一次短途旅行。Every month we tried to lớn see aside a few dollars.每个月我们都设法积蓄几美元。 no attention to;reject 不理睬;拒绝The complaint was set aside as of no importance.这个投诉被认为不重要,因而不被理睬。I"m afraid we must set aside your request fot more equipment.恐怕我们要拒绝你要求更多设备的申请了。3.annul 废止;宣告无效The Supreme Court phối aside the decision of the lower courts.最高法院驳回了下级法院的判决。

mix aside|set

v. 1. To separate from the others in a group or collection. She phối aside the things in the old trunk which she wanted lớn keep. 2. To select or choose from others for some purpose. The governor set aside a day for thanksgiving. 3. To pay no attention lớn (something); leave out. The complaint was phối aside as of no importance. 4. formal To refuse to accept; annul; cancel as worthless or wrong. The Supreme Court phối aside the decision of the lower courts.
mix (up)on (someone or something) Set a beggar on horsebachồng, và he'll ride khổng lồ the devil Set a beggar on horsebachồng, & he'll ride to the devil. phối a great giảm giá by (someone or something) mix a high/low bar set a precedent set a spell set a thief to catch a thief set a trap phối a trap (for someone or something) set a/the/(one's) price (for something) mix about mix about (doing something) phối about (one) set about doing mix about your work phối above sầu set adrift set afire mix after (someone or something) phối against mix alarm bells ringing set an example set apart set apart from phối aside phối aside (one's) differences set at phối at naught phối at odds mix baông xã mix baông xã from set back on one's heels phối baông chồng the cloông xã mix before phối beside mix by phối by the ears set cap for phối down mix down as mix eyes on phối eyes on (someone or something) set fire to phối fire khổng lồ (something) mix foot phối foot in mix foot in (some place) mix foot in/on something mix foot on phối foot on (something or some place) senior citizen separate the men from the boys serve a sentence serve notice serve sầu one right serve sầu up set abLaser set about phối aside mix bachồng set baông chồng on one"s heels mix down mix fire lớn mix foot mix forth set không tính phí mix in
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