What'S That Mean? Or What Does That Mean?

I"ve been listening this expression from movies and it seems that native sầu speakers used lớn say "What"s that mean" when they want to ask about the meaning of something.

Is this expression right for informal speaking or is it just my misunderstanding?


"What"s that mean?" translates to lớn "What does that mean?"—not "What does it mean?". I"d say that the phrase "What"s that mean?" is a dialect more than anything else, & even in informal speech, "What does that mean?" is more common & more often understood.

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I had the same pronunciation question và I found the answer to your question in this Youtube Clip that explains exactly why it sounds like that.



One of the meanings of "s is "does" - this is often forgotten. We say that "s means "is" or "has" and forget that it can mean "does".

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Some answers & comments wrongly regard this usage as incorrect or as dialect.

It is an informal usage but it is neither incorrect not dialectal. Lexiteo records it here https://www.lexiteo.com/definition/"s


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