Cambridge Unlochồng 1 Listening & Speaking Skills Teacher Book|A Cognitive Grammar Approach khổng lồ Teaching Tense và Aspect in the L2 Context>
A three-màn chơi series of grammar reference và practice books for teenage và young adult learners.

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Suitable for classroom use or self-study, Active Grammar presents & practises grammar in clear, realistic contexts specially chosen to lớn appeal to lớn teenage và young adult learners. The series covers all the grammar points taught at A1-C2 (CEF) levels.

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Each unit opens with an original text followed by clear explanations of the key grammar points. Engaging presentations help students learn about the world while they study English grammar, và a large number of contrasting revision exercises help khổng lồ develop students' comm& of several grammar points at once & lớn prepare them for communication outside the classroom. Regular tip boxes give information about comtháng mistakes & the accompanying CD-ROM contains additional exam-style exercises & tests for more grammar practice. A FREE comprehensive Teacher’s Guide, providing plenty of practical ideas on how lớn use the material in class, & tips for teaching mixed ability và mixed age classes, is available online.Key featuresGrammar structures are presented through a variety of engaging content-rich texts drawn from areas such as geography, history, & science.Carefully graded exercises provide plenty of challenging practice & opportunities for personalisation.Contains a wealth of extra reviews material featured in MY TEST! sections, nhận xét units & on the CD-ROM.The CD-ROM includes extra practice material for each unit & printable tests for all grammar areas.Exercises are suitable for learners preparing for Cambridge ESOL exams.Link Download