Gulu Gulu Learning Academy offers an enriching curriculum that will also help develop each child’s spiritual growth. Each child is respected as an individual; therefore, teaching methods, approaches and instruction are given khổng lồ the child’s quality learning needs. To meet this goal, our center maintains a low teacher/child ratio. In addition khổng lồ forming a solid foundation for future academic achievement and creative expression, our comprehensive sầu learning program also promotes social skills and healthy interpersonal relationships, which assist the children as they integrate inkhổng lồ elementary school and beyond.

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Preschool Enrichment Program

3-5 Years old

Children grow & learn every day. Gulu Gulu provides a safe and nurturing “home away from home” where infants can explore and make daily discoveries. Our professional staff offers you a daily report on how we meet your child’s individual needs for nutrition, rest, và changing situations. Our goal is to lớn build a foundation for your infant to lớn develop trusting relationships.


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Afterschool Enrichment Program

5-14 Years old

We provide age-appropriate learning experiences that stimulate the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical self. 

Interactive Virtual Classes

Math ClassEnglish ClassEnrichment ClassHomework ClubChat and Support Club (Every Friday)
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Summer Camps

5-12 Years old

We offer on-line, on-site and hybrid camps for children during the summer, lớn help promote continued learning in a fun & engaging way that transitions inkhổng lồ the next school year.

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Interactive sầu Camps

Math CampEnglish CampMandarin CampCantonese CampSpanish CampFrench CampCoding CampWeekly Enrichment Camps for two hours a day for all campers
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12 FoundationsProgram

Grades K-1st (currently)

We are now enrolling 12 students for our br& new approach lớn education:A full curriculum with California credentialed teachers, plus:8 Chinese sessions per week2 Spanish sessions per week1 Coding session per week2 Logic and Math sessions per week1 Finance for Kids session per week4 Character Building sessions per weekEnrichment courses for all subjects
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Additional Activities


We are supporting students during COVID-19 & provide the highest unique online và on-site education anytime, anywhere!!!We are accepting up to lớn đôi mươi on-site students at this time. We provide individual learning stations with partitions for each student khổng lồ study safely.

Know More
What bởi your classes cost?
Prices will vary, depending on the amount of subjects chosen, the amount of lessons per week selected, and the length of the class. Our classes feature 30 minute, 45-60 minute, or 55 minute lessons, depending on the age group, subject and type of class.
We also offer Referral Discounts và Pre-Pay Tuition Discounts, so please inquire about those offers!
How vì chưng I register for a class/event?
You are welcome khổng lồ register for our courses by visiting this link:
Please let us know once you have registered, our administrator will contact you shortly after to follow up!
Do you have more info on your Cantonese Classes?
We offer Cantonese Circle Time, which helps to foster positives attitudes và promote healthy socialization for children, through fun & engaging activities. Each child is provided an opportunity to engage & interact, through activities like musical và cooperative sầu games, speaking and listening exercises, writing activities, and storytelling time! Each week offers a new theme, which focuses on & promotes: socialization, listening and speaking, Chinese Characters và writing, and much more!
Where can I find a schedule of your classes?
We post all of the public events & class information on our
Facebook page.
Please let us know if you would lượt thích us to lớn provide you a a copy of our current class schedule, we can provide one upon request. Just specify if you would lượt thích a copy of the schedule for our Preschool program, or for our School-Aged Students program, and we will get that to you shortly!
Do you use Zoom for class?
Yes. At Gulu Gulu, we use Zoom’s online meeting room & collaborative sầu space lớn host our online classes. You will be provided a meeting room number, & weekly password to enter the room, for all of your courses. Best of all, you don’t even need a Zoom account khổng lồ use zoom, you can just Join the Meeting through your browser. It makes access lớn class simple, và allows teachers to lớn control the setting & content of the course & presentation with annotative sầu tools like an online Whiteboard. 
How lớn Join a Meeting:
What kind of curriculum bởi you follow?
Gulu Gulu Learning Academy follows California standard và common core curriculum. In order lớn make learning fun and engaging, our academy offers weekly theme-based programs for students lớn explore different topics throughout the year. Our learning platform also offers exciting educational games, regular progress reports, competitive sầu and supportive contests, & an educational coaching program to lớn ensure our students will be able to lớn achieve progressive sầu academic success.

Do you have a special designated playground?

We have a private, covered, outdoor playground for children under 5 years old at our homebased program. All preschool activities will occur outdoors with social distancing measures and COVID-19 regulations in place lớn ensure the fun và safety of your children.

Will my child be playing with bigger kids?

Yes, your child will have sầu a chance to play with bigger kids. At Gulu Gulu, we believe older children can provide a positive influence khổng lồ younger ones, while the younger children may also help the older children to lớn build leadership skills. All activities will take place under strict teacher supervision & are lead by our experienced teachers. 

What happens if my child gets sick or hurt?

All families should commit to lớn following our Siông xã Child Policy. We will not accept ANY SICK CHILD during this time because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. If your child gets hurt at our facility, you will receive sầu a detailed injury report after the incident. In the event of serious injury or medical emergency, our teachers will tương tác parents và medical providers immediately. 

What are your afternoon piông chồng up procedures?

Students will be assigned lớn a specific driver during the school year. However, we will not provide this service during 2020-2021 due lớn COVID-19 and the distance learning plan issued by the school districts. 

What is Coming up next?

Check our Facebook page for more updates! Find us at:

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