In the case of

I am wondering whether "in the case of" is a correct expression.I know "in case of" can be used, for example "In case of an emergency" but when would be appropriate khổng lồ use "in the case of" as long as it is correct.

Thank you.


I suggest that, in cases lượt thích this, you use a search facility such as

Google ngram: in the case of

That way you will find plenty of examples if the idiom exists.

Bạn đang xem: In the case of

Cliông chồng on the link at the bottom of that page lớn see how the expression is used.

My example

Jane is doing well at school but, in the case of John, I think we need to consider finding a private tutor.

This is equivalent to lớn

Jane is doing well at school but, in John"s case, I think we need khổng lồ consider finding a private tutor.

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I am possibly wrong but I would say that "in case of fire we install fire alarms" but "in the case of a fire, we use them".I suggest the lack of an article is an error.


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