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A Fshare API tool built with Python



Fgiới thiệu APIs now serve only VIPs accounts! What a dichồng move. I hope they can public their API because their website is BAD, I mean REALLY BAD!

Application for vip accounts only

Getting started

First, install get_fmô tả with pip:

$ pip install get_fshareThen you can use normaly.

Example code

from get_fgiới thiệu import FSAPIURL = 'https://www.fcốt truyệ'bot = FSAPI(email="Your email", password="Your password")bot.login()sillicon_valley_ss1 = bot.get_folder_urls(URL)for episode in sillicon_valley_ss1: print(episode<'name'>,"".format(episode<'linkcode'>)))Result

Silinhỏ http://download003.fmô tả.vn/dl/DDw36kqC+XtnxDDabH3A9WxhgvC5dnROeIhBefBDTSHwtO-OGzVKi3JVTEHeR4f1YO+1QVBogiKQiHj5/é http://download008.fcốt truyệéỏ http://download015.fmô tả.vn/dl/-PzHlZBIkJBzRY6SpkeoYuiAKOiG004BGeyx35rYSWdsfgX+00sB32oBNZIIpNivmUjR7iYQFA8dPE3p/é http://download019.fchia sẻ.vn/dl/4jIObmhjP76LcLvKNaKDVB43F2Y-sSrsirX5fzYPqXPJqi+p180Cv7mcnOAYO00djvUfKJi0tqgys4ar/Silibéỏ http://download016.fchia sẻ.vn/dl/c4lknf1YF3VmfZ5Uf6GL6RFDWH-OE+87a6eSCb4S39SKDIaI8ZjVEazwHctkX8I+jBIthKbF69GPpEb-/Silinhỏé http://download014.fgiới thiệỏỏ http://download001.fnóiéỏ http://download014.fnội


Pyhẹp 3.5+

Current functions

Get Fshare download linkExtract liên kết from Fmô tả folderGet tệp tin name from linkGet tệp tin kích cỡ from linkUpload file lớn your Fchia sẻ account


Just run pytest