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public /"pʌblik/ tính từ thông thường, công, công cộngpublic holiday: đợt nghỉ lễ chungpublic opinion: dư luận, công luậnpublic library: thỏng viện công cộngpublic school: ngôi trường côngpublic utilities: rất nhiều ngành phục vụ chỗ đông người (năng lượng điện, nước...) công khailớn make a public protest: phản bội đối công khaito give something public utterance: chào làng cái gì danh từ công chúng, quần chúngto lớn appkết thúc lớn the public: lôi kéo quần chúng quần chúng. #, dân chúngthe British public: dân chúng Anh giớithe sporting public: giới mê mệt chuộng thể thaothe reading public: giới chúng ta đọc (thông tục), (như) public_housein public giữa công chúng, công khai
cần sử dụng chungLĩnh vực: toán và tinphổ biến, công cộngCSPDoanh Nghiệp (circuit-switched public data network)mạng dữ liệu đưa mạch công cộngIPL (Internet public library)thỏng viện chỗ đông người InternetInternet public library (IPL)thư viện nơi công cộng InternetOPAC (on-line public access catalog)danh mục truy cập công cộng trực tuyến

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): the public, publication, publicist, publiđô thị, publicize, public, publicly




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Từ điển Collocation

public noun

1 the public people in general

ADJ. general

VERB + PUBLIC inform The government was slow to lớn insize the public about the health hazards of lead in petrol. | protect | serve sầu | be open to The house is open to lớn the public at weekends.

PREPhường. in ~ He rarely appears in public these days.

PHRASES a thành viên of the public

2 group of people with sth in common

ADJ. book-buying, paying, reading, sporting, theatre-going, travelling, viewing, etc. Satellite television has provided the viewing public with a wide choice of programmes. | larger, wider Her work is now available to lớn a wider public.

Từ điển WordNet


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a toàn thân of people sharing some comtháng interest

the reading public


not private; open lớn or concerning the people as a whole

the public good

public libraries

public funds

public parks

a public scandal

public gardens

performers and members of royal families are public figures

affecting the people or community as a whole

community leaders

community interests

the public welfare

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

adj. A keyword in some programming languages lớn signify that methods or variables can be accessed by elements residing in other classes or modules. See also class, keyword (definition 2), global variable, reserved word, scope. Compare private.

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Bloomberg Financial Glossary

公开的|公共的公开的,公共的The price of a new issue of securities at the time that the issue is offered to the public.

Investopedia Financial Terms


A reference lớn anything that can be possessed or freelyresearched by any person or group of people in the general population. Theterm public is most commonly used to describe a company"s shares orany other type of financial instrumentthat trades in the secondary markets. In other words,any securities thattrade on an exchange andcan be bought or sold byanyone in the general populationare referred to as publicly traded securities.

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Investopedia Says:
There are thousands of companies that have shares and financial products that areavailable to be bought or sold by the public. These companies must tệp tin reports that meet the strict requirementsof the Securities And Exchange Commission.As a result of the requirements & regulations, public companies tover lớn be more transparent & subject khổng lồ much more public scrutiny than private companies.
Related Terms:
Initial Public Offering - IPOPrivate CompanyPublic CompanySecondary MarketSecurities And Exchange Commission -SECStockStochồng Market

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

publicssyn.: people populace population societyant.: private

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