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About this vulnerability

SMB:CVE-2017-014 is a exploit/vulnerability that exploits a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Windows SMB Service. The vulnerability was exploited through EternalBlue & used in two widespread malware ransomware attacks, the WannaCry & NotPetya ransomwares. The vulnerability was patched with a Windows update, which you should have already installed. The vulnerability allowed the attacker lớn gain the ability khổng lồ exexinh tươi code on a target VPS. The Windows update is necessary to fix this vulnerability.


Both WannaCry and NotPetya caused a lot of damages back in 2017 when they infected tens of thousands of computers all over the world, & encrypted files. The exploit used by the ransomware infection was known to Microsoft, và the company had released a patch khổng lồ fix it prior to lớn the attacks. However, not everyone installed the update, which led khổng lồ their computers becoming infected.

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Even after installing the update, users of Avast anti-vi khuẩn may get alerts that the program has safely aborted a connection because it was infected with SMB:CVE-2017-0144. The alert may appear numerous times, disrupting regular computer use. It does not mean that your computer has been infected with any ransomware or some other infection. It appears that khổng lồ stop this alert from appearing, the user should disable tệp tin sharing on the device on which the alert is appearing, and block incoming traffic on port 445.


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