So far so good meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms

As a follow up to lớn this etymology question, does "so far, so good" carry a negative connotation?

For example, after having her sonogram, my wife asked the technician if everything was okay. The technician replied, "so far, so good." My wife later remarked that she didn"t lượt thích that the technician used the phrase because it sounded lượt thích things will be going wrong later.

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I always thought this phrase was positive sầu và that it was a replacement for the word "good."



The phrase means that everything went well until now, & you are not sure if things will carry on like this, or something bad will happen in the future, but it doesn"t carry a negative connotation. It just means that so far everything is good, and you don"t know what is going khổng lồ happen next.


DrewChristianson in that some techs seem khổng lồ be forbidden lớn render any opinion, that being the exclusive sầu tên miền of the Dr. –user14070 Jun 1 "12 at 14:05
I think it indicates a cautious optimism.....the person doesn"t want khổng lồ imply that because things have sầu gone fine so far that things will continue lớn go fine and that you can consider it all done, or it will be a slam-dunk....i.e. more barriers have sầu lớn be overcome yet.


I"d say it was neutral rather than negative sầu. It means something lượt thích Everything"s OK so far. Let"s hope it stays that way.

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I would agree that the phrase is neutral. I think that intonation could cast it into a more negative light. Although I don't imagine using it in a wholly positive sầu way. –user14070 Jun 1 "12 at 14:06
It literally means "good so far", but context is key here: if you"d normally expect an unreservedly positive sầu response, then "so far, so good" can be interpreted negatively. For example, when I get in the elevator at lunchtime và ask a co-worker how it"s going, the mặc định polite response is "Fine". If they say "so far, so good", I can interpret that as "the storm hasn"t hit yet, but there"s the whole afternoon to go".

Another interpretation is "I"m not done yet, let me finish"...I would guess that is what the tech was probably trying to say khổng lồ your wife in this case. And it was not a good way to lớn say it, considering the circumstances.

I don"t think "so far, so good" implies that something will go wrong later, not nearly as much as it implies it does that something can go wrong later.

I might use those words lớn describe the status of a major project that appears to lớn be on-time, or a to report progress on a long trip that has been without incident.

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As for applying it to a sonogram, I"ll admit, maybe that"s not the best choice of words. Then again, maybe the technician interpreted the question differently. By asking, "Is everything okay?" your wife may have sầu meant, "Does the baby look healthy?" but the technician may have interpreted it as "Is all the equipment working fine?" or "Is the image clear?" or even "How has your day gone so far?" After all, after a technician has performed a dozen of these per day, week after week, month after month, he"s probably encountered all sorts of technical problems.

As I said, maybe not the best choice of words, but I doubt very much that he intended khổng lồ sound ominous.