Aborted babies in heaven


c. should eatPenjelasan:maaf jika salah"},"id":31752395,"millionarthur.mobintent":"Jawaban:C.Penjelasan:the doctor told hyên that he should eat less. he's too fat.">" data-test="answer-box-list">

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nem adicio INObhs indric1. where did Maling kundaNO and hisLivet2. when & di Molin Ndonga Pother Pas3 what was Malin KUN DANg til me vioviyif na d…id MOUN KOMDaNg dol ror nie andnic mother's survivolic what did MoliN kondang hope won herea merchone's oprer to Sail?6 DO MAN KUN dangdrem millionarthur.mobime truevì WOU now?7. why did Malin Kundang teen acheivednis Motherwhy did MOUN Nivày NG S' Mother oursekhổng lồ a Seone 1​
I have a frikết thúc named Bono. He is a very fatperson. His hobby is eating. He likes all kind offoods. He eats everything in front of hyên. Hisweight is 9…0 kilograms. He has a very chubbycheek. His family and friends lượt thích him very muchWhat is Bono's hobby? *a. Writingb. Cyclingc. Eatingd. Readinghow many does hi wight?a.60kgb.70kgc.80kgd.90kg​he has a very....a.handsome faceb.beatufuk facec.chubby cheekd.nice attitude​
apple better tan lớn drink a gia18. From the text we know that, the fresh fruit ismore than juice of fruit..alượt thích. But, thedonkey isA. SaltyB BitterC.…SourD. DeliciousThe dialogue is for question number 19-21Edo: hey, look! They are playing marbels. It was myfavorite game in primary school. I played marbleseveryday But now I never play marbles anymore !have sầu so many things to bởi at trang chủ and at school Didyou play marbles too?Dayu : yes I did. But I did not bởi it very well. Ialways lost the gameeykeyy look alikemeaning with19. What was.de's favorite game in primary school?8. Plaving kiteB. Playing toPlaying marblesD. Plaxing footballđôi mươi. But now layer play marbles anymore.The word "neve in the dialogue above meansA He likes khổng lồ play the gameB. He does not play the gameC. He always plays the gameD. He often plays the same21. What is the dialogue about?A. des friends in primary schoolB. Edes activimman schoolEde's freunite game in primary schoolEde's favourite ame in junior high school158 centimetersbaby​

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ANNOUNCEMENTTONI studentsTo celebrate the Hero's day our student Organization will hold some interesting programs suchas English Speech millionarthur.mobindemo Story…Telling & ass Wall Magazine millionarthur.mobimpetition.November 15, 2021 800 am - 13.00 pmThemeHereRegistration Budi The millionarthur.mobiordinator of this program)Based on the text we can say thatA. wo millionarthur.mobimpetitions will be heldB the programs will last for 5 hoursBudi is one of judges of the prograinsD. the programs will be held in the Hero Street​
Kuis Matematika ✔Jika hari ini tanggal 09 Juni 2021 dan 13 hari kemudian Saya berulang tahun, maka tanggal berapakah itu?​
Tolong dibantu ya kak, nanti akan ku jadikan jawaban tercedas kok*.✧​
apage authority jawabnaya.............​
No.Date :How many hour vì the onlineClase take?​

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This is Masaaki, who lives in nhật bản. He is very (1)_________________ in photography, which he has been practicing since high school. Scenery is his fa…vourite subject to photograph. nhật bản has very diverse và wonderful scenery, from gr& mountains to lớn city skylines. This makes it an ikhuyến mãi place for photographers.“Tokyo, which is Japan’s biggest thành phố and as well as the capital, is a very (2)________________ place khổng lồ take pictures,” says Masaaki. Masaaki, who is from a minute town in the northwest of Japan, enjoys going to the thành phố because it is so different from where he grew up. “There’s never a (3)_________________ moment in Tokyo; everyone is always on the move sầu, there’s always something to vì chưng, something lớn see,” he says. He does admit, though, that as a boy he was (4)________________ of the crowds of people, the traffic, và the noise. “But as an adult, I am always (5)________________ lớn visit Tokyo,” he says.One can find many serene places in nhật bản, too. Near the city of Yamagata, which is in the southwest, there are very beautiful mountains. “In the mountains, you can take a walk in a temple that is full of trees and (6)________________ gardens,” Masaaki tells. “Japanese temples are great places to lớn refresh yourself. I always feel so (7)_______________ after visiting one.”PLS TOLONG SAYA HARUS KUMPULIN HARI INIPhotography is exciting, relaxing, and also (8)________________, acmillionarthur.mobirding to lớn Masaaki. “If I don’t feel (9)_________________ by a hobby, I don’t millionarthur.mobintinue to vị it,” explains Masaaki. “I always want khổng lồ be learning something, you know?” One such challenge, which happened in 2011, was photographing the aftermath of a tsunami that hit Fukushima, a town on Japan’s eastern millionarthur.mobiastline. “It was really (10)_________________,” Masaaki says. “The town and everything around it had been destroyed. I millionarthur.mobiuldn’t believe it. I spent the whole day talking to the survivors, who were (11)_________________, ofmillionarthur.mobiurse. The people, whose homes were now gone, told me they were (12)_________________ that another tsunamày would hit. Photographing the broken homes và shops, which were still full of water, was really (13)_________________.”Yet nhật bản is still a place of quality beauty, Masaaki says. He would enmillionarthur.mobiurage everyone khổng lồ visit. “Whether you like big, exciting cities or small, (14) _________________ towns, there is something for everyone,” says Masaaki. “Just millionarthur.mobime and see for yourself. I promise, you won’t be (15) _________________!”worried relaxed shocking exciting interested challenged calming devastated charming worried frightened excited boring depressing disappointed challengingmaaf saya tadi teriak